The first visit with Dr. Nielsen includes: Obtaining a patient’s history, administering a full musculoskeletal examination, a report of the doctor’s findings to identify the cause of a patient’s symptoms, followed by a strategic plan to help reduce a patient’s pain and restore quality of life.

After arriving at our office, you will be guided through the new patient procedures: 

1. Check-in / Fill out paper work in our office or at home

You will then check in with the receptionist and if you are a first time patient or an existing patient who hasn't been in for a while, you will need to fill out paper work.  If you would like to speed up this process you can fill out the paper work at home, print it out and bring it in.  Please (click here) for the online paper work.

2.  Exam / X-rays
All new patients will require an exam before treatment in order to properly diagnose the your condition.  If you recently had X-rays taken, please bring them with you.  If you haven't had X-rays regarding your current condition, we may need to take new X-rays (if necessary).

3.  Report Of Findings (ROF)
If time permits, you will have your report of finding the same day as your exam. At your report of findings meeting Dr. Nielsen will sit down with you and discuss what he found with your exam and X-rays.  He will then recommend a specific treatment plan and answer any questions that you may have.

4.  Adjustment / Therapies

In most cases, Dr. Nielsen will be able to review the X-rays the same day. Depending you’re your condition and treatment plan, you may receive various therapies in addition to your chiropractic adjustment.  If you have any questions about the therapies, you can ask your doctor at any time.
Note : We want to start your treatment as soon as possible, however, Dr. Nielsen willneed to review your  X-rays before treatments can start.

5.  Schedule your next appointment

At the completion of your first visit, you will stop at the front desk to schedule your next appointment.  This will be based on the treatment plan discussed with Dr. Nielsen during the report of findings. At this time we will also collect any co-pays or co-insurance.  If you have any questions regarding insurance coverage, please give us a call at (262) 534-3767.  We will check to see if your insurance is accepted.